TogetherAid is a platform that connects people in need with donors. We leverage technology to facilitate immediate aid, directly to the people who needs it, with 100% of the money goes to the beneficiary.  

Our projects varies from rebuilding homes after earthquakes, supplying a wheelchair for a disabled child or building a school for a village. 

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We are a group of people who care. We care about the world, we care about the lives of the people who live in the world and would try to do everything possible to improve the lives of people in need. 

We are also technologists and believe that technology can do wonders to improve the lives of people around the world. We worked in some of the leading organizations in the world and left lucrative jobs on Wall-Street and Silicon Valley to build TogetherAid as we believe it can truly make an impact on the lives of millions of people, both people-in-need and donors alike. 


We provide immediate aid to people in need

TogetherAid is a platform that connects between people in need and donors that are able to assist them in the form of capital or resource contribution. The platform contains thousands of projects created by people in need. A project can be rebuilding a house that collapsed in a natural disaster, delivery of rice bags to a starving village or performing a cleft lip surgery to a disabled child. 

We couldn't done our work without the support of our field partners who are has boots on the ground in disaster zones and help locals upload their project and follow up on it until completion. 


We thank all the thousands of people who are part of the TogetherAid community, the beneficiaries, donors, field partners and our staff.